iHealthSpace Privacy Policy

MGH respects your privacy interests and operates iHealthSpace in accordance with the principles set forth in its Privacy Policy. This iHealthSpace Privacy Policy contains a description of the information collected and used by MGH specifically in connection with iHealthSpace. If you visit a web site operated by a Third Party Service Provider or other Participating Provider or use services provided by those entities or individuals, additional information may be collected and used and additional terms and conditions may apply.

You may be asked to provide certain personal information if you wish to take advantage of iHealthSpace's features. Personal information includes information that is unique to an individual, such as a name, address, social security number, e-mail address or telephone number. Without certain personal information, we may be unable to deliver iHealthSpace services. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all personal and health information that you may provide. You should understand, however, that electronic transmissions via the Internet are not necessarily secure from interception, and thus, we cannot guarantee the security or confidentiality of such transmissions.

Information We Collect; How We Use It; How You Control It

We do not collect any personal information that identifies you unless you specifically provide us with that information voluntarily or by setting up an iHealthSpace account. If you decide to use iHealthSpace features, we will collect only the minimum necessary personal information and personal health information to create a personal, secure web site record for your iHealthSpace account. For example, as part of the process to register you as a Registered User, we collect your name, email address, date of birth and gender. If you accept an enrollment invitation from a Participating Provider, we also collect your address and telephone number as part of initiating your Enrolled User status. Your iHealthSpace account information will be stored behind a firewall on reasonably secure servers.

Note that we do not intentionally or knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, please consult a parent or guardian for consent and help in using this web site. When a parent or guardian enrolls a minor child (under 18 years of age) in iHealthSpace, the parent or guardian shall be solely responsible for the minor child's use of iHealthSpace features. Parents or guardians shall be required to access the web site and request services and content on behalf of these minor children. A minor child does not have the right to independently access and or use iHealthSpace content or services.

As a Registered User, you will be able to enter your personal health information into your iHealthSpace account and create a personal health record. As a Registered User, you will also have the option to identify family members, personal caregivers, health care providers, and others as Authorized Users and can control the extent and nature of their access to your information. Only you, your Authorized Providers, and your other Authorized Users may access your iHealthSpace account and the information contained in your personal health record. We may also access this information in order to provide you with iHealthSpace services or other care you may need. We will maintain detailed logs (audit trails) of those who access your iHealthSpace account and when and will make such logs available upon your written request.

You may also be asked to provide personal information, such as demographic information, if you choose to complete any of the online forms used for event registration, special events and promotions, appointment requests, login to personal information and to provide feedback. The information required to complete the transaction is noted on each specific form. Additional questions might be included to help us improve our services.

We also use the information you provide via iHealthSpace to fulfill your online requests and respond to your customer service inquiries and in other ways as required by law.

By submitting your personal and health information, you grant us the right to transmit, monitor, retrieve, store and use your information in connection with the operation of the web site. Your personal and health information shall be stored in a reasonably secure database, but we shall not be, and no Partners entity shall be, liable for any unauthorized access or security breach or virus that may occur with respect to such database or any information contained therein.

You acknowledge and agree that in certain, limited instances we may share and provide access to your personal information and personal health information with staff, another Partners entity, Participating Providers, and Third Party Service Providers to the extent necessary to provide you access to the full complement of iHealthSpace features. Without access to your personal information and personal health information, such parties may not be able to provide you with the full benefits of iHealthSpace and you will unlikely be able to obtain the full value of iHealthSpace.

All our employees are required to attend training on patient privacy and confidentiality.

Data Security

We make every reasonable effort to maintain your trust and ensure that your personal information remains as secure as possible. Accordingly, we limit unauthorized access by a secure firewall and use of security technologies to protect the integrity and privacy of any personal information you provide.

As an additional security measure, your personal information will also be encrypted during transmission using industry standards. (Encryption is a common method used to transmit sensitive data across the Internet. Encryption temporarily makes the text unreadable during the time it is being transmitted over the Internet.)

Although we endeavor to protect your personal and health information, we cannot warrant the security of any information you transmit to us through online transactions, and you do so at your own risk.

Newsletter/Press Release Subscriptions

If you subscribe to a newsletter, publication, press release or RSS feed published by iHealthSpace and distributed via e-mail or RSS feed, your e-mail address will be maintained in a private distribution list. Messages sent electronically do not reveal recipients' e-mail addresses or any other personal information.

We will send messages to only those individuals who have opted to subscribe and who have provided their e-mail address to us directly. Anybody may opt out from receiving such messages at any time.

E-mail Information

Occasionally, we will use the e-mail address we have on file for you in order to send you materials you request, respond to your questions or provide you with other additional information. We retain personal information on file but do not share, sell, license or transmit this information with or to third parties or external vendors unless required to do so by legal, judicial, or governmental proceedings. Your e-mail information will not be used outside of this system without your permission. We do not use your e-mail address for any other purpose.

Please note that e-mail is considered a nonencrypted (and therefore unsecure) form of communication and it can be accessed and viewed by others without your knowledge and permission. For that reason and to protect your privacy, you should not use e-mail to communicate information that you consider confidential.


We use "cookies" to store certain pieces of information as you navigate through iHealthSpace. Cookies are small computer files that a web site can transfer to your computer. Written as a simple text file, a cookie helps your browser reuse specific information that the web server can later retrieve. As a convenience for frequent users, we use cookies to gather information for customized log-in forms. We do not use cookies for personal health information. Other examples of information collected include how often someone visits the site and their activities while on the site. We use this information in the aggregate to understand how visitors as a group use different resources. These reports do not contain any personally identifiable information. We do not use cookies to collect personal data from our visitors, and do not disclose any information stored in cookies to third parties.

Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can set your browser to refuse them or to alert you when they are being sent. Please use the Help Resources on your particular browser to change your settings.


We and our Third Party Service Provider collect information that is customarily gathered by worldwide web server software. Our logs contain the following information for each request: date and time, originating Internet provider (IP) address and domain name (the unique address assigned to your Internet service provider's computer that connects to the Internet), object requested, and completion status of the request. We use these logs to help improve the iHealthSpace service by evaluating the "traffic" to the web site (the number of unique visitors, level of demand, most popular page requests, and types of errors).

These logs may be kept for an indefinite amount of time, used at any time and in any way reasonably necessary to prevent security breaches and to ensure the integrity of the data on our web site servers.


iHealthSpace requires users to maintain login identifiers and/or passwords. During the process of creating your personal iHealthSpace account, you will be prompted to set your password. You will need this password to log-in and to authorize Participating Providers, other medical personnel, staff and family user(s) to access to your records.

You are responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure that no unauthorized person has access to your password or account login information. It is your sole responsibility to control and protect the use of login information and passwords, to authorize, monitor and control access to and use of your iHealthSpace account and password and to inform us promptly of any breaches of security.

Third Parties

We will not share, sell, rent, or disclose your personally identifiable information with third parties without your consent, except under certain limited circumstances or when required under law.

We occasionally engage reputable third parties to help manage iHealthSpace, provide content and information and enable us to interact better with iHealthSpace users. We may disclose some personal information to third parties assisting us in providing iHealthSpace services or assisting us with our internal operations. All such third parties are contractually bound to maintain the confidentiality of iHealthSpace users' personal information; however, note that if any such third party sells substantially all of its assets or operations, such information may be transferred to the purchasing entity.

Disclosures under Law

Although unlikely, we, other Partners entities, Participating Providers or Third Party Service Provider may be required by law enforcement or judicial authorities to provide personal information or personal health information about iHealthSpace users. We will provide this information, to the extent technically possible, upon request and receipt of the appropriate documentation. Disclosure may also occur if we consider it necessary to protect our legal rights or property or if the information relates to actual or threatened harmful conduct.

Correcting Inaccuracies in Your Information

You are solely responsible for providing accurate, current and complete information to your health care providers. You may delete or edit any data or information you added to your personal health record. Any additions, deletions or edits will appear chronologically; however, please note that information you enter into your iHealthSpace account is backed-up and saved on a server and as such, we cannot guarantee that information that has been deleted from an iHealthSpace account will not be available elsewhere. You are responsible for posting accurate, current and complete personal health information, and if you have identified Authorized Users, for ensuring that your Authorized Users post such information and records, in your iHealthSpace account. No Partners entity will be responsible for any information, or the lack of true, accurate, current and complete information about you in your iHealthSpace account. Users are not permitted to make any changes to any entry that is made by any hospital or health care provider. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may request that the applicable hospital or health care provider amend an incorrect or inaccurate entry.

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