Available only to patients of the IMA (Internal Medicine Associates), APF (Ambulatory Practice of the Future), MGH Heart Center, MGH Transplant Center, MGH Infectious Disease Associates, MGH Reproductive Endocrine Assoicates

What is a Caregiver account?

Caregiver accounts are created by caregivers on behalf of patients who either cannot or do not wish to manage their own online iHealthSpace accounts. As a caregiver you have complete access to the patient's iHealthSpace account and may communicate with the patient's care team and access the patient's health record.

Who are caregivers?

Typically parents of minors, adult children of elderly parents or close family friends or other family who function as informal caregivers.

How many caregivers can someone have?

At this time, iHealthSpace allows only one primary caregiver for a patient. We recognize that many people or family members contribute to a person's care and would like to expand this in the future.

How do I set up a caregiver account for someone?

If someone you care for belongs to an iHealthSpace partner practice, he or she may request that you be invited to create a "trusted" caregiver account on his or her behalf at the next office visit. For security purposes, the patient must be physically present at the practice and will need to sign a Caregiver Agreement that will be retained at the practice.

Caregivers will be able to access the patient's health records and communicate with the practice on the patient's behalf, so patients will be urged to choose their caregiver carefully.

A patient may designate only one Caregiver at this time. If the patient joins another practice in iHealthSpace, he or she will be asked to designate the same person.

If the patient chooses to designate a Custodial User:

  1. At his or her next office visit, the patient will need to share the caregiver's email address with the practice. Important: If the caregiver already has an iHealthSpace account, the iHealthSpace username must be provided at the time of visit.
  2. The patient must review and sign the Caregiver Agreement and the iHealthSpace Terms of Use (printed copies available on request from the front desk at your doctor's office).
  3. Return the signed Caregiver Agreement to a staff member

If I have my own iHealthSpace account and I set up a caregiver account for my mother, how does the system know if I'm acting as me or on behalf of my mother?

After you login to iHealthSpace you will be presented with the option to enter your account or your mother's account as a caregiver.

How do I know which account I'm in while in iHealthSpace?

While you're in iHealthSpace, a warning will appear when you are in your caregiver account.

Switch between user accounts

Click on the link "Switch Account" in the top right corner of the window to select a different account.