Before you sign up

Who can join iHealthSpace?

Anyone can register for an account in iHealthSpace. If you register for an account but are not enrolled with any practices, you'll be able to do a limited number of things like managing your list of medications. Even if you're not linked with a practice or a provider, we expect the features available to you and people you designate to be part of your care team to grow.

What's the difference between registering and enrolling?

Anyone can set up an account and register in iHealthSpace.

But - if you are seen in one of our partner practices of the Massachusetts General Hospital (e.g. Internal Medicine Associates, Ambulatory Practice of the Future), you can also enroll or link with these practices in iHealthSpace. Enrolling with a practice in iHealthSpace will allow you to communicate with your practice and your care team, as well as view some or all parts of your health record held at the practice. You register with iHealthSpace only once, but you can enroll or link with many iHealthSpace practices.

Which Internet browsers does iHealthSpace support?

iHealthSpace has been optimized for Firefox 3.6.13, Safari 4.0.5, Internet Explorer (IE) 8, and Google Chrome 10:

Google Chrome is not currently supported but we're working on adding Chrome support. Using other browsers or different versions than those listed above may alter your experience. If you experience a problem, please click on our "Contact Us" link located in bottom of your iHealthSpace window to send us feedback.

I share my email with someone else. Can I still join?

You may use a shared email to create your iHealthSpace account. No personal health information will be sent by email, but some limited information (e.g. appointment reminders) may be communicated. Because of the possibility that some minimal information will be shared over email, we strongly recommend that you sign up with your own personal email address.

How old do I have to be to join iHealthSpace?

You must be at least 18 years old to join iHealthSpace.

Creating your new account

I'm not a patient in any of the iHealthSpace partner practices, but I'd still like to sign up.

Go to (you're already here!). On the main page, select "Sign Up". Enter the required information: first name, last name, date of birth, username, and password. Select your secret question and enter your secret answer. Finally, review the Terms of Use, select the check-box that you reviewed this and select "Submit".

Why do I need to set a security question and answer?

We will ask you to answer your security answer if we need to verify your email address or if you ever need to reset your password. Please select a question that has only one answer—and remember that your answer is case-sensitive.

I'm new to iHealthSpace and received an email invitation to join one of the iHealthSpace partner practices-- how do I sign up?

Click the link contained within the email invitation. This link will take you to a custom registration page in iHealthSpace. Enter the enrollment code you received from the practice (case-sensitive) and select "Find Registration Info". Enter the information requested. When you're done, select "Submit" and you're all set. If you'd like more information or need help, go to the Help Center section: Enroll with a Practice.